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If you’re planning on shipping from India to Australia, you’ll need to find a freight forwarding firm you can trust 100%. TSL Australia offers a comprehensive logistics service covering Australasia, Asia, the Americas, and Europe. We can arrange top-quality sea and air freight exports from India to Australia, drawing upon decades of experience serving clients all over the world. No matter what you’re transporting – and whatever the size of your consignment – we’ll set up every link in the chain from pick-up right through to delivery.

Cost Of Shipping From India To Australia
Bringing goods into Australia means paying certain taxes and duties to the Australian Government, such as a Goods and Services Tax (GST) of 10% which is collected by the Department of Home Affairs. If you’re importing certain types of goods or working with particular manufacturers, you may be eligible for some refunds. For more information on how much it will cost to import your goods into Australia from India, contact TSL today or head to the Australian Border Force’s website.

Air Freight Export: India To Australia
Air freight export from India to Australia is the quickest way to bring goods in. The distances involved are huge, with at least 5,500km to cover between the two countries. It may take as little as 24 hours – and up to six days – to fly your goods from Indian to Australian soil. TSL will work hard to reduce this time as much as possible, though it will depend on whether there are direct flights available. Do bear in mind that sending cargo as air freight is usually more costly than sea freight export from India to Australia.

Sea Freight Export: India To Australia
Transporting produce from India by boat is usually cheaper than by plane, but of course does take longer – usually between 24 and 32 days, depending on whether it’s coming from India’s east or west coast. Over many years, TSL has built up great relationships with some of India’s top shipping companies, so we can quickly organise great-value shipping from India to Australia on your behalf. Your goods will typically leave India at one of the country’s 12 main ports, which include:
• Mumbai Port in the western state of Maharashtra
• Kandla Port in the north-western state of Gujarat
• Visakhapatnam Port in the south-eastern state of Andhra Pradesh
• Chennai Port in the southern state of Tamil Nadu
• Kolkata Port in the north-eastern state of West Bengal

Cargo will enter Australia through the seaport that makes most sense financially, logistically and geographically for your needs.

Handy Tips For Doing Business In India
In many ways, business culture in India is similar to that of Australia, but there are some differences it’s worth bearing in mind. Here are some tips to get you started:
• When meeting associates in India, the handshake is common although some Indians may instead choose to say ‘Namaste’, a Hindu greeting which translates as something like ‘I bow to you’. This is sometimes accompanied by a pressing of the palms together and a gentle bow of the head
• English is widely spoken in India, but remember it’s always courteous to check first
• There is significant cultural diversity within India. Society is multi-ethnic and multi-lingual with huge differences between the north and the south – it’s good to bear this in mind when liaising with associates throughout the country
• Indians use ‘Mr’ and ‘Mrs’ to address colleagues, as well as ‘Madam’ and ‘Sir’. You may come across the suffix ‘Ji’, which Indians sometimes add to the end of a name as an indicator of respect
• You may find that business dealings are more affected by delays and disruptions in India than in other cultures, so patience is always a handy tool to possess.