If you’re in the agricultural business and need to export or import pieces of machinery to and from Australia, look no further than TSL. We are a Melbourne-based freight forwarder with the expertise, contacts and know-how to organise efficient, low-cost sea freight forwarding for you. We operate to and from Australia and China, South East Asia, Middle East, India and Sub-continents, Europe, USA and South America, providing our flawless sea freight forwarding services to businesses and individuals all over the globe.

The Challenge Of Agriculture Machinery Shipping

Transporting agriculture machinery is harder than shipping other items because of the fact this type of equipment is often bulky, heavy and awkward. Shipping items such as fertiliser spreaders, tractors, cultivators, harrows, ploughs, verge cutters, combine harvesters, balers and excavators thousands of miles across water requires careful planning. Equipment may be lifted directly onto the ship, dismantled in order to fit containers or transported as RoRo cargo.

Agriculture Machinery Shipping

RoRo Agriculture Machinery Shipping

Certain items of farming machinery will be suitable for RoRo shipping. With RoRo (or roll-on roll-off), the equipment is rolled or driven straight onto the vessel via a ramp. It is then fastened securely before transportation. Once the ship has arrived at its destination, it can be rolled off again. RoRo is often the most cost-effective method of agriculture machinery shipping because it is usually straightforward and quick compared to other freight forwarding methods.

Other Methods For Agriculture Machinery Shipping

Below are some of the alternatives to RoRo that TSL may use for agricultural machinery shipping:

Shipping containers may be used if your machinery exceeds the RoRo height limitation (around 14ft) and will fit – or can be dismantled to fit – inside a container that is 40ft long and 8.5ft tall. High-cube containers are also an option; these give an extra foot of height.

Flat racks are shipping containers without sides or lids. They’re often used for agricultural machinery that is too tall to fit into a container that is 9.5ft high. Extra care is taken to secure equipment being transported this way, since it will not be protected by the metal walls of a container during transit.

Lift-on Lift-off (LoLo) refers to cargo that cannot be driven or towed onto the ship, and is too bulky to fit into a shipping container. It is also used when a vessel has no storage in its hull. Cranes are then used to lift the cargo onto the vessel at the port terminal, and to shift it on arrival at its destination port.

TSL: Expert Agricultural Machinery Freight Forwarder

While many Australian freight forwarders are able to transport regular cargo such as personal effects, electrical goods and cars, few have the experience and proficiency to import and export oversized, heavy and bulky items like agriculture machinery. These types of operations require in-depth analytical planning and often the use of subcontractors who will carry out the specialised tasks that make up the overall process.

Agricultural Machinery Customs Clearance

Getting your agricultural machinery through the Australian border, or that of your destination country, is just one of the many services provided by TSL as part of the freight forwarding process. We will ensure all the paperwork is in place to ensure a safe and speedy passage of your items through the port.

A Comprehensive Service

TSL is here to organise your sea freight forwarding operation from start to finish – just leave everything in our hands. Our peripheral services include customs clearance, warehousing and storage, DDU & DDP delivery and inland travel for end-to-end logistics that give you total peace of mind.